Friday Night Prayer Meeting

  • Friday Night Prayer Meeting
  • many Christians are talking about the evils of Halloween and the need to stay home and hide. Well at KQC we say, NEVER! We don't hide from the culture or the evils of our day, we confront them head-on with the spiritual weapons given by the Holy Spirit of the Living God. The Spirit has been moving at KQC. Join us for a DYNAMIC prayer meeting as we take the offensive against powers, principalities and every vain thing that exalts itself against the glory of our Christ. If you need DELIVERANCE, this is also the time for you to come and be ministered to.
  • Oct 31,2014
  • 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm
  • 87 Maple Avenue, New City, New York 10956
  • (845)553-0883

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