Young Warriors Roundtable: Fire of a New Generation

  • Young Warriors Roundtable: Fire of a New Generation
  • Let no one despise your youth is not a suggestion; it's a commandment! When you're young (whether physical age, spiritual age or experience), people, the enemy and your own mind will try to tell you you cannot make a difference: "You're not ready." You don't have the resources or experience." etc, etc, etc. But just as one word of truth can put a thousand lies to flight, the true testimonies of the righteous decimate the lies of the enemy everyday. So, tonight, come hear from youth from different cultures, backgrounds and levels of ministry as they share what the Lord has done and is doing. You'll hear powerful testimonies, a right now word and find answers to your questions and needs during our open line segment. So, don't miss this and if you know people who are young of age, young in the Lord or just young at heart, get them to Voices on Fire for Christ for this unforgettable experience. Go to Call in number (646) 721-9917
  • Oct 13,2015
  • 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • (845)553-0883

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