There is a cry of the Lord going out to His people and to all the earth. Are you ready to hear that call, to know what the Lord is speaking? Come hear real truth that transforms and empowers.

If the foundations are destroyed, What can the RIGHTEOUS do? As we come to the 15th anniversary of the tragic, cowardly terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, it is time to confront the psalmist's question once again. Our walls are down, chaos seems to be descending upon America and much of the world. Many experts and leaders even among secularists admit that we seem to be on a collision with some great world catastrophe. In times like these what must the righteous do? Is there any hope? Should we build bunkers? stockpile freeze dried foods? What can we DO? Join KQC Ministries as Pastor Pete takes us to, a 9-11 Memorial unlike anything you might expect.

Have you ever or are you now facing desire situations? Have circumstances tried to crush you with feelings of misery and despair? It does not have to end in darkness. You can have victory over despair. Join KQC Ministries as we follow Jesus to Bethany and learn God's method for giving pain purpose to birth greater faith.

Shake it Off

We long for the "rest that remains," to come into the presence of God and find perfect peace in His will. But, so many times, just when we think we've come to a place of rest, the enemy strikes like a viper poisoning our minds with fear, doubt, unbelief, anxiety, stress, remorse, discontentment, resentment, etc. Brother, sister, don't be a victim when you're called to be a victor! It's time to SHAKE IT OFF! Shake that lying devil off into the fires of hell or see your peace, provision, joy, health and rest poisoned by lies. Join KQC Ministries as Pastor Pete takes us back to Ancient Malta for a lesson in deliverance that will restore the victory Christ died to purchase for you.

From London to Paris, NYC to LA, from USA to Australia and all points in between, there seems to be all around us the evidence of eroding cultural and spiritual foundations of society. When the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do? Hear the answer as Pastor Pete Torres takes us to a right now Word from the throne of grace.

The greatest enemy of the Christian, the greatest obstacle to living the overcoming life of Freedom and grace that the Lord promises is not Satan, demonic forces, the New World Order or ny other outside force. The greatest enemy is S-E-L-F: self! If you would be free, you must learn to tear down the altars erected in your mind to self-glorification and become a true worshiper. Join KQC Ministries for Church without Walls as Pastor Pete brings us back to the Book of Judges and a journey toward victorious living as we continue our series on Foundations of Spiritual Warfare.

Spiritual warfare is an inevitable, essential and very real component of the normal Christian life. However, many Christians today are unaware of the reality of spiritual warfare, the rules of engagement, God's plans and patterns for equipping saints, etc.. Instead they live under a false hope that all spiritual warfare was settle at the entry point. So, what about YOU? Are you equipped and ready for the battle? Join Pastor Pete and Kole Qara Christ Ministries for Part 1 in a series of messages on the Foundations of Spiritual Warfare. This week we look at the core issue of our weakness in battle: the source of captivity, bondage, strong holds and spiritual oppression within the Church.

Following Christ

We all lose our way sometimes and need a little direction. There are ways and paths that seem to lead to success only to leave one dry and empty. There is a way, a narrow path hidden from the masses that leads to life; but are we willing to follow it to the end? Many are called but few are chosen. Christ is calling, but even if you answer the call, will you choose to stay the course to the end. Join Pastor Pete Torres and KQC Ministries for journey, a choice and a moment in the Valley of Decision that may seal your eternal fate.

Holy Boldness

The new life in Christ is a supernatural, overcoming life. John's Gospel tells us that the brilliance of that life cannot be overcome or even comprehended by the darkness. Yet, w live in a time of advancing darkness, fear on every side and a church plagued with timidity. We were not born again into this life to hide in a cellar or hunker down in a bunker while hell advances. We need a shot of Holy Ghost Boldness! What is that? What does it look like and how can YOU get it? Join KQC Ministries for Voices on Fire for Christ for a dose of Holy Ghost FIRE that will embolden you to take ground, deliver captives and transform lives for Christ!

The Ministry of Christ

At age 12, Jesus knew He had to be about His Father's business? Do WE understand that there's work to be done fir the Kingdom? Join KQC Ministries as Patsor Pete Torres takes us on a journey into the heart of the Ministry of Christ, a ministry that now belongs to every true disciple of Jesus Christ. Come, find purpose, meaning and power that is true living.

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