Baptism's Purpose And Power

In the Christian faith, two practices bring individual members into the fellowship of believers: the Lord's Table and baptism. Each of these is essential to the Christian faith. Yet, each is shroud in mystery and meaning. In this powerful teaching, the Holy Ghost through scripture guides us to a deeper and fuller understanding of Baptism.

Walking on the Word

The words of the prophet Habakkuk echo three times in New Testament scripture: "The just shall live BY FAITH!" But learning to trust the WORD of the Lord when there are no accompanying signs, no prophetic confirmation,nothing but the Word itself is both a mark of maturity and one of the must difficult lessons to learn on the journey up this narrow road. Come, join KQC Ministries as we learn to walk the walk of faith.

Effective Evangelism

Jesus left the church a commission:: Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations. Effective evangelism is not about debates arguments and endless hashtag postings on social media. Effective evangelism, transforms lives, confronts the world with irrefutable evidence and calls men and women to total transformation.

Samaria Again

Jesus needed to go to Samaria to redeem a woman and commission her to bring a rejected people to Himself. How did He do it and what do His technique and approach say to us about HOW to go to Samaria?

There is a cry of the Lord going out to His people and to all the earth. Are you ready to hear that call, to know what the Lord is speaking? Come hear real truth that transforms and empowers.

If the foundations are destroyed, What can the RIGHTEOUS do? As we come to the 15th anniversary of the tragic, cowardly terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, it is time to confront the psalmist's question once again. Our walls are down, chaos seems to be descending upon America and much of the world. Many experts and leaders even among secularists admit that we seem to be on a collision with some great world catastrophe. In times like these what must the righteous do? Is there any hope? Should we build bunkers? stockpile freeze dried foods? What can we DO? Join KQC Ministries as Pastor Pete takes us to, a 9-11 Memorial unlike anything you might expect.

Have you ever or are you now facing desire situations? Have circumstances tried to crush you with feelings of misery and despair? It does not have to end in darkness. You can have victory over despair. Join KQC Ministries as we follow Jesus to Bethany and learn God's method for giving pain purpose to birth greater faith.

Shake it Off

We long for the "rest that remains," to come into the presence of God and find perfect peace in His will. But, so many times, just when we think we've come to a place of rest, the enemy strikes like a viper poisoning our minds with fear, doubt, unbelief, anxiety, stress, remorse, discontentment, resentment, etc. Brother, sister, don't be a victim when you're called to be a victor! It's time to SHAKE IT OFF! Shake that lying devil off into the fires of hell or see your peace, provision, joy, health and rest poisoned by lies. Join KQC Ministries as Pastor Pete takes us back to Ancient Malta for a lesson in deliverance that will restore the victory Christ died to purchase for you.

From London to Paris, NYC to LA, from USA to Australia and all points in between, there seems to be all around us the evidence of eroding cultural and spiritual foundations of society. When the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do? Hear the answer as Pastor Pete Torres takes us to a right now Word from the throne of grace.

The greatest enemy of the Christian, the greatest obstacle to living the overcoming life of Freedom and grace that the Lord promises is not Satan, demonic forces, the New World Order or ny other outside force. The greatest enemy is S-E-L-F: self! If you would be free, you must learn to tear down the altars erected in your mind to self-glorification and become a true worshiper. Join KQC Ministries for Church without Walls as Pastor Pete brings us back to the Book of Judges and a journey toward victorious living as we continue our series on Foundations of Spiritual Warfare.

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